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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Yathir considers that customer who books or looks for any services at yathir.com has the right to know about the privacy policy that is followed by us. We value the accuracy of your privacy.

    The initiative of this policy is to alert the client as to what personal data is being captured by us and where the similarity is being used. It gives details of the principles and practices that are valid to private Information (mentioned below) congregated from users of our services (“you”) on our Site, in telephone or e-mail communications, or in interviews, surveys, etc.

    We distinguish that the protection of individual information of our clients and all who are concerned with our company is our social liability. We are dedicated to carrying out the subsequent policies in the protection of personal information.

     We consign personnel to deal with personal information at each division and specify the personal information protection measures to be taken (“Management System”) and suitably manage them.

     In the case of asking for personal information, we will recognize the intention of use thereof, and get hold of such information only to the level compulsory for conducting business and through a legalized and sensible manner and will use and/or make available such information only within the confines of the assured intention. 

    Concerning our communication with you, we possibly will need to process a variety of personal data, e.g.

    • Name

    • Gender

    • Phone Number

    • Address

    • Credit Card details

    • Date of birth in case of a child

    • Passport Number & frequent flyer number (Wherever needed)

    In addition to the aforesaid information, Yathir Visitor may bring together and process the former data that you provide to the company, e.g., photographs, as well as data that is essential for the company’s business.

    We will execute safety rules to deal with the risks with reference to all the personal information handled in our company, such as being right to use in an illegal approach, being leaked, misplaced, or unkindly damaged or cracked, and will take managerial, personnel, physical and technological measures to put off risks and remedial measures if trouble occurs. 

    In the case of outsourcing some of our operations to other companies handling personal information, we will request and supervise such contractors to handle the relevant personal information in the same proper manner as handled by our company. 

    We will scrutinize rules and regulations on the protection of personal information, law-making strategy, and former social norms, and will endeavor to frequently recover the organizational System throughout the regular review. 

    In the case where any customer requests our company to reveal and/or accurate personal information that has been reserved by our company and which fit into such client, we will act in response suitably in accordance with rules and regulation on the protection of personal information, and other social norms. We will take action in good faith to any and all objections or consultation needs concerning personal information that has been reserved by our company. 


    Disclosure to third parties 
    Yathir Visitor may disclose your personal information to contractors, consultants, and suppliers in relation to their work for the company. Therefore, personal data may for example be disclosed to external parties that provide us with IT services, but also to service providers of trips that we book on your behalf.